Migrated From Mephisto to Octopress

I’m proud to say I’ve dusted off this blog and migrated from Mephisto to Octopress. Now I can actually post new content (the old Mephisto system got so dated and went to dependency hell that I was hardly able to do anything besides keep the static cached files up).

I’m going to try to go through all the posts and cleanup / fix any loose ends. So far the import went pretty smooth and I’ve only burned a few hours (instead of a whole weekend).

I was unable to successfully import the comments, so those will be gone forever. Most were spammy anyway, and any comments posted at least within the last year or two use Disqus, and those are still around.

I’d like to get my usual theme working again, but alas, that is very low priority right now. Perhaps a new look is warranted anyway. However, at least, I can move away from the default theme. Gotta read more docs…

Let me know if anything is out of the ordinary.