Git 1.5.3 Is Here

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Git 1.5.3, and now, it is here! A few new features since 1.5.2 that I noted to be very useful to me are:

git stash: stash away your work and bring it back later. Great for switching to another branch that may otherwise require you to commit local modifications first.

git svn dcommit: now retains local merge information, so you can merge branches locally and still have the changesets pushed to SVN, making it even easier to work with projects that use braindead Subversion.

git blame: can be told to see through commits that change whitespaces and indentation levels with “-w” option. AWESOME. (Yes, I spend a lot of my time looking at who screwed shit up).

git mergetool: chooses its backend more wisely, taking notice of its environment such as use of X, Gnome/KDE, etc…