Changing Folders in Mutt Can Be Faster

For a while, I have found that changing folders in Mutt was artificially slow. At least it seemed artificial. If my Inbox has, say, 50 messages, and some other folder has 10, why does it take over a second to switch between the two? There can’t really be *that* much processing to do.

I use Mutt because it is fast, overall, but over a second to change between small folders is too long. Turns out that delay was indeed artificial as I had suspected. The fix is simple, put this in your ~/.muttrc:

set sleep_time=0

The default is 1 second.

The official story behind this setting is it “[specifies] time, in seconds, to pause while displaying certain informational messages, while moving from folder to folder and after expunging messages from the current folder. The default is to pause one second, so a value of zero for this option suppresses the pause.”

Thanks to a kind soul in #mutt for pointing this out to me.