Vimperator Stunned

I have long been a user of the Conkeror plugin for Firefox, which allows keyboard driven browsing (no mouse needed). Just yesterday I tried the Vimperator plugin, which is similar but has much better vi-like keybindings (hence its name). Perhaps I’ll write more about the plugin itself later, this post is just about a problem I had, and how to fix it.

I put the following line in my ~/.vimperatorrc:

:set showtabline=0
and next time I started Firefox, Vimperator was dead. Stunned, completely dead. Even if I took that line out, Vimperator still wouldn’t work. Firebug reported:
vimperator.commandline has no properties

I was bummed, didn’t know how to revive it. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it, even deleted Firefox! No go.

Finally, I see there is this “prefs.js” in my Firefox profile directory that has a reference to “showtabline”. Taking the hint at the top of that file, I visited “about:config”, searched for “vimperator”, right-clicked on the “showtabline” property, and hit “Reset”. Restarted Firefox and Vimperator was resurrected!

I was quite jazzed.